Winter wonderland

The forecast showed two weeks of arctic weather; two weeks of temperatures colder than your household freezer with windchills that reached up to minus 30 Celsius. Welcome to New England's 2018 winter season start.

Boston's first snow of the season typically arrives around the end of December, and final snow flurries can occur deep into March, or April, or May or June: one never really knows. However, unlike in some other parts of the world, snowstorms around Boston are swiftly followed by clear blue skies that allow sunlight to deflect deep inside the homes of New Englanders.

Having been around for 15 of these winters, some more impressive than others, made me appreciate the beauty of it all. Yes, it is cold, but dressing in layers makes it actually very comfortable when hiking or exploring the scenic vistas.

With its rugged coastline, the North of Boston area creates wonderful backdrops year round, but if you're lucky, you will get to see the 'boiling soup'; the few times in winter to witness the 'dancing' ocean fog when freezing air gets in touch with relative warmer water of the Atlantic, causing water to evaporate and get trapped like swirling clouds hovering over the ocean.

As temperatures tontine to be well below freezing, this first post of the year is brought to you from the warm comforts of my living room, as I will gladly wait a few days till temperatures warm up to a more agreeable freezing point. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the blue skies and hot toddies.

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